On Fire 1996-2017

In high school, when I was 15, I joined a band with friends and it all began like any other rock and roll, hardcorepunk or metalhead’s first band story would begin. We rehearsed in the attic at our drummer’s parent’s house until the neighborhood forced us to relocate to a shed on the farm of our guitarist’s parents. There we stayed, played and became friends. And so Antcow/On Fire was formed.

We stayed together, through 21 years of our lives.

We’ve accomplished what we dreamed of when we started, we recorded music, released our cassette demo, cd, records, we made our own website, played a lot of shows and drove around Europe in a van to play some more shows. We met hundreds of like-minded and interesting people. We discovered new music, the DIY ethos, literature and various movements related to genres of underground music.

Most important to me is that we’ve built a friendship that is rare and based on sharing ideas, creating art and growing up. It also taught me about ambition and time. And time flies, but how you’ve spent it counts and if you spend it with the right people time is never wasted.

Thank you.