Together with video artist Klaas Lageveen and photographer Appie Busser we made the short film ‘IN VACUO’. The movie was shown at various art events in our country and currently at several independent movie festivals. It won the best experiment award at the Madhouse Movie Festival 2017.

I did the sound design, composed the ambient soundtrack and did the foley (the realistic sounds of the dog and glass shattering) in a traditional fashion (with microphones, real dogs and smashing real glass). To counterbalance this realism I used several post production effects, such as unnatural reverberation and phase distortion to give the audience a sense of being in a different dimension. The movie is an experiment in storytelling that blends modern photography, video art, 3D techniques and contemporary sound design together. I couldn’t be more proud of the result and it is a privilege to work with talented and gifted artists and further improve my skills as a sound designer.

I am currently unable to share the movie, for it is not released to the public yet. If you are interested in having our movie for your festival or event, or want to view the movie you can get in touch with me, Klaas Lageveen or Appie Busser via the links below.


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