Live Cinema Orpheus2011 Meditations on Eurydice

We did a second residency at STEIM with Sean Winter’s Live Cinema Ensemble where we ended with a presentation / performance of the on-going project exploring the myth of Orpheus. This time the ensemble explored the story of Eurydice with Jilt van Moorst (visuals), Jos Heutmakers (saxophone), Kaspars Kurdeko (persussion), Sean Winters (trumpet) and strings by Anna Britala, Chloé Chabanole, Carmen Bruno and Cecylia Fenrych / PL.
I do live sound design and surround sound effects using an improved version of my ‘funambulism’ max/msp patch. Funambulism is a quadraphonic delay matrix. I improved it for this performance to live capture the musicisians sound and granulize it, sending it across the room through four speakers manipulating the spatializing, feedback, pitch and tempo of the delays with a joystick and the Novation Launchpad. I will further explain and demonstrate the ‘funambulism’ system in a future post.

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