In November 2012 the husc ensemble performed ‘F.L.A.S.H.’ during the PNEM sound art festival. ‘F.L.A.S.H.’ is our free musical interpretation of five basic human emotions. Played in five parts – and in this order – we go through Anger, Fear, Sadness, Love and Happiness (which makes Part 2 from the two video’s below the easiest one to view).

Other than playing with the concept for F.L.A.S.H. we put a lot of thought into the instrumentation. Admittedly my part playing the clarinet is the easiest to explain, bringing the ‘acoustic’ to the ‘electro’ of Sander and Samir. Samir (guitar and effects) plays both his guitars and pedal boards as a single instrument. For a part of F.L.A.S.H. my signal, played into the mic, is led through Samir’s effects while both our signals are sent to Sander’s equipment during the entire set. Samir and I trigger and feed Sander’s composition onto which live effect are added, making Sander the composer, director and live processor. So basically we all interact with each other, as any live ensemble would, but we’re also playing a composed peace which can only be heard when there is an input – just like our most basic emotions.