husc ensemble – breaking a butterfly on a wheel


This is a collection of recordings, tracks and remixes I did with the husc ensemble which haven’t been released, I came across a lot while organizing and cleaning my hard drives, these are fun and worth sharing. It also marks the end of a long journey with two amazing musicians and falls together with closing musical books for me, my band, my ensemble and my home country.

I am relocating myself in a new country with new musical influences and in a whole new culture. Reinventing myself by reusing and updating max patches I wrote for interfacing with various ensembles and live performing. I am trying to take all the experiences I had over the past decade as ‘husc’ and integrate them in new endeavors. I am a solo artist now, and even though the power of human interaction will be missed, it is also a challenge to find those connections within music technology and on my own. For now enjoy these songs and more to come soon.