F.L.A.S.H performance at the PNEM sound art festival

Psix presents: Underworld Netherlands- The word became flesh and blood…

Psix presents: Underworld Netherlands ‘The word became flesh and blood…’

Velvet Summer – Endless Repeat EP

Debut EP ‘Endless Repeat’ by Velvet Summer with a subtle bit of sound design.

Atlantis – La Petite Mort EP

Mastered the ‘La Petite Mort’ by Atlantis, a loud, dark and moody blend of guitars and electronics.

Live Cinema Orpheus2011 Meditations on Eurydice

The second part of Sean Winter’s Live Cinema ensemble exploring the myth of Orpheus.

‘Echobase’, ‘green ringer’ and ‘bronx cheer’ effectpedals

Demo of three DIY effect pedals, the echobase delay, green ringer and bronx cheer.